Zenzizenzizenzic, Rochester Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

As part of the 2015 3rd Floor Emerging Artist Series, Zenzizenzizenzic is a site-specific, 12-channel sound installation by Eric Frye, a Minneapolis-based artist. The exhibition’s title functions as an onomatopoeia (a word that phonetically appears as the sound that it describes) that linguistically mirrors an abstraction of sound one might experience in the work. Focusing on the concept of sonic objects, the listener is asked to question both the reliability of their own senses, and the materiality of sound. Investigating the perceptual organization of sound, Frye exposes the objecthood of sonic events and emphasizes the spatial aspects of compositional structures. Listeners experience the sound installation by constructing personal navigations within a sound-filled space, and are asked to consider what happens when the human and sound relationship is acutely reconfigured.

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