Eric Frye - The Little Devil Built it With Cubes (Six Pieces for Stochastic Piano)

Released September 2018 by Cuvée Freddy.

Written and produced by Eric Frye.
Cover image by Alexander Grothendieck.


November 1, 1957
From Alexander Grothendieck ::

My dear Serre,
I have nothing very interesting to tell you. I have been trying to learn
Neron-style height theory [...]

For the moment, what is needed is to invent a process for deforming a cycle
whose dimension is not too large, in order to push it to infinity. Perhaps you
would like to think about this yourself? I have only just started on it today,
and am writing to you because I have no ideas.

Finally, I have another kind of question. You are moving out of your
apartment; do you think it might be possible for me to inherit it? As the
rent is not very high, if I remember rightly, I would then be able to buy some
furniture (on credit). I am interested in it for my mother, who isn't very happy
in Bois-Colombes, and is terribly isolated.


November 8, 1964
From Jean-Pierre Serre ::

Dear Grothendieck,
It is diffcult to reply to your infinite letters: they would require infinite
answers, which presupposes I have understood what you are talking about. As
this is not the case, I will restrict myself to answering the trivial questions.

J-P. Serre