Eric Frye - Abyssal Folding

ANM010 - Released November 2014 by Anòmia

All sound by Eric Frye.
Recorded 08.2013 - 05.2014 direct to stereo, no overdubs.
Compositions created using computer and hybrid modular synthesizer.
Cover artwork by Arnau Sala.
Letterpress printed at L'Automàtica in Barcelona.

Repetition acts as a sort of magnifier for sonological events which, heard singly, would hardly be audible.
Abyssal Folding is comprised of twelve individual sonic forms which were created by a concentrated and methodical pulling apart and particulat-ing of common rhythmic patterns. This process of dissecting and examining the isolated sound particles allows for an often seemingly chaotic reassembling of forms to take shape. The result is a stretching and morphing of the common rhythmic meter to reveal frenetically propelled and disjunctively decimated compositions. Creating something that is simultaneously familiar as well as dissociative, innocuous as well as repellent. A single algorithmic graphing unit acted as the core functionary device throughout.
"The 'hidden beauty of things' appears to be the hidden beauty of mathematical structures, an intrinsic beauty that the mathematician discovers by means of the extrinsic invention of sufficiently expressive languages. And so, in Grothendiek's perspective, mathematical structures appear in the phenomenological spectrum of the world, and so they are discovered - but these are discoveries that can only be made by inventing, in an almost synchronic dialectic, adequate representations of the structures in question. The (musical, cohomological) metaphor of the motif itself shores up the idea that there exist hidden germs of structuration, which a good 'ear' should be able to detect. And so Grothendiek's motifs appear to be already present in the dynamic structure of forms, independent of their future discoverers, who's work would consist essentially in creating the adequate languages, the theoretico-practical frameworks, and the sound boxes required to register their vibrations." - Fernando Zalamea (Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics)

"[...] Frye presents a suite of uncompromising, fractured electronics at once recalling the spattered tangle of Keith Fullerton Whitman's recent generations, the chess-like stratagem of Rene Hell and the incisive freakiness of Florian Hecker [...]"
- Boomkat

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