Real Feelings. Emotion and Technology
HeK, Basel, CH

Voice Emotion Sterilization for short film Elephant Juice by Simone Niquille.

"Our own experience provides the basic material for our perception of the world, which is therefore limited." contemplates the bat. Modelled after philosopher Thomas Nagel's essay 'What Is It Like To Be A Bat?', the narrator paraphrases this passage to ponder on the probability of human built computer vision systems ever surpassing their maker's subjective worldview.

EJ follows a character preparing for an upcoming automated job interview. In this novel recruiting process, interviews are held in front of a candidate's own webcamera. Once recorded the video file is analyzed by computer vision software to evaluate the applicant's facial expressions on desirable qualities such as trustworthiness, compatibility and diligence.

With the commodification and categorization of the deeply personal and delicate matter of emotions, it is crucial to challenge the limits of objectivity and the risks of globally adapted perception systems.

By rendering the world through a lens of seemingly objective computer vision, intimate realities are at stake.

•• Artist talk with Simone Niquille and curator Sabine Himmelsbach

•• Real Feelings. Emotion and Technology - Virtual Exhibition Tour with Sabine Himmelsbach