Eric Frye - On Small Differences in Sensation

CEJ08 - Released November 2016 by Cejero

Written and produced by Eric Frye.
Album design by Cejero and Eric Frye.
Texts by Andrée Ehresmann, Mathias Béjean, Fernando Zalamea, and Inigo Wilkins.
Voice: Luciana Parisi
Software developed and designed by Guerino Mazzola and Sam Wolk.
Booklet design by Justin Meyers.
Photography by Katy Vonk at Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis.

Recorded at Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition, Cambridge.
Anechoic chamber recordings at Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis.
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Special thanks to Andrée Ehresmann, Mathias Béjean, Fernando Zalamea, Inigo Wilkins, and Luciana Parisi for their invaluable contribution. Sincere appreciation to Guerino Mazzola, Sam Wolk, David Berg, Katy Vonk, and Justin Meyers for their important assistance.

Special appreciation to Thomas Buhl-Wiggers and Emil Kragh-Schwarz for their commitment to this project.

A record for the resolutely fearless, dauntless sonic explorers among you. This LP has been doing strange things to my brain over repeated listens. Having now heard it about five times, I feel like I’ve been subjected to some form of clinical trials / research on how sound can alter one's spatial awareness. Unless you happen to have a deathwish - do not attempt to listen to this whilst driving - Norman Records

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The different fields (scientific, artistic and philosophical) seem to reconnect during the listening. This originates imaginative and didactic deviations. We are thus moving in multidimensional spaces and changing coordinates
- Neural

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