A record for the resolutely fearless, dauntless sonic explorers among you. This LP has been doing strange things to my brain over repeated listens. Having now heard it about five times, I feel like I’ve been subjected to some form of clinical trials / research on how sound can alter one's spatial awareness. Unless you happen to have a deathwish - do not attempt to listen to this whilst driving
Norman Records

Drawing on conceptual motivations coming from Charles Sanders Peirce's studies on nerve excitations, Eric Frye produces an outstanding concrete sheafification of sounds.
- Fernando Zalamea, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Frye's Seattle set was one of the most mind-bending I've seen since Ryoji Ikeda ca' 07.
- Dave Segal, The Stranger Seattle

On Frye's latest LP the different fields (scientific, artistic and philosophical) seem to reconnect during the listening. This originates imaginative and didactic deviations. We are thus moving in multidimensional spaces and changing coordinates.
- Neural Magazine

Frye's work is an erudite survey of the fusion of technology, composition, and performance, exploring the intersections of time, knowledge, self-hood, and sonic space.
- MN Artists

Listeners experience the sound installation by constructing personal navigations within a sound-filled space, and are asked to consider what happens when the human and sound relationship is acutely reconfigured.
- Rochester Art Center

Frye presents a suite of uncompromising, fractured electronics at once recalling the spattered tangle of Keith Fullerton Whitman's recent generations, the chess-like stratagem of Rene Hell, and the incisive freakiness of Florian Hecker.
- Boomkat