Eric Frye - Systemic Crevice

Released November 2013 by Sleepy Cobalt Sound.

All sound and image by Eric Frye
Composed 12.2012 - 08.2013.
Compositions created using computer, Eventide Eclipse digital processor and hybrid analogue / digital modular synthesizer.
Recorded at Ascension, 4029 and Studio di Particelle Sonore in real-time stereo, no overdubs.

An Alternate Version of Apnée Statique was commissioned for Ben Vida's "Metal Fatigue Music" and was presented at Audio Visual Arts in NYC on May 5, 2013.

"Eric Frye pursues the static algebraic patterns within the fluidity of bird modulation, in a record that blurs the line between organic impulse and calculation."
- Attn Magazine

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